Thursday, October 31, 2013


warmup- medball walk/run
skill/strength- sled push x3, sled pull (harness) x3, 25m hvy
wod- sled pull (straps between legs) x5, 50m
cooldown- speedwalk class

Well guys, two major events.
1. We completed the 200 burpee halloween challenge! I have to say Tina did an outstanding job. Holy Cheese Balls she had great form, she was hurting but kept on busting out all the while maintaining her athletic composure. Good Job Tina, you are setting a great example for us all to follow And to everybody else good job as well. I know I was hurtinggggggg during 75% of this challenge. But one step at a time we all did a great job pushing ourselves yet a little harder than we have in the past. Tamara and I sure appreciate the community that each of you guys provide for us and the group!
2. Paleo Challenge starts today. Be ready for a few weeks of uncertainty and anxiety. No worries though, with a little help from our group we can get each other through this with flying colors. We have all worked out very hard building up to this. We owe it to ourselves to follow through with the eating part now. Just sayin...  So lets get to it and kick paleo ass!

Peace out,

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