Thursday, December 26, 2013


warmup- bergener
skill/strength- pushups, 7,7,7,7,7 hvy
wod- c2b pullups x10, front squat x10, burpee x10, 3rft
cooldown- sallup w airsquats

Tammy and I wanted to tell all you guys "Thank You" for the cool Xmas card. We really appreciate you all pitching in and helping out with the cash. Rest assured it will be put to good use. We are planning on cleaning out 3/4 of the hangar and adding a substantial amount of equipment in order to have a top notch training facility.
In addition to the cash, we wanted to thank you for what really meant the world to us. Each of your notes on the card sure added some personality to the xmas card. We really enjoy working out with all you guys. We all learn from each other and push each other to be the best we can be. Here's to another great year of working out together! Thank you again for all you do. We feel really lucky to have such a great group to workout with.

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