Saturday, March 1, 2014


14.1 update

We all scaled 14.1 this year to 70 single unders and 15 power snatch, amrap 10min.

Here are the results so far in order of finish:

David     475/75#
Dio        245/75#
Cole      380/55#
Jack      213/35#

Kallie      410/55#
Tammy   357/55# 2nd 340/55#
Tina        331/55#
Renee     372/45#
Dalita      350/45#
Jenny      375/35#
Hannah   339/35#
Patty       255/35# 2nd 338/35#
Theresa   248/35#
Destiny    335/15#

Congrats to Cole for posting a strong score without much snatch training under his belt. Congrats to Tammy and Tina for using the rx weight of 55lbs and handling it well. Renee blew my mind coming in only 10lbs under the top two women and repping out 372. Jenny is the 1under queen, not to mention her unbroken snatches, Good job! Renee and Jenny are both ready to move up in weight. Patty and Theresa moved slowly but surely through the workout. Now that they know what to expect I am sure if they give it another try they could improve a significant amount.  On her second day of training with us Destiny performed respectfully with her 335 having never performed the snatch before.

Overall I am moderately pleased with the effort given by our group as a whole. Intensity is a tough thing to ask from yourself when you are tired and gasping for air. Lets dedicate ourselves to "upping" our level of intensity through the next four CrossFit Open workouts. Each of us are the final judges when it comes to assessing our performance. Ask yourself, "Did I give 14.1 all I could?".

You are all invited to come out and redo 14.1. Just text Tammy and one of us will be here to run you through the workout. Scores are locked in Wed. night.

ATTENTION- You cannot compare these scores with any scores from the CrossFit Open. We scaled the 2unders to 1unders therefore we are not comparing apples to apples if we look at our scores vs. unscaled Open scores.

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